Mindfulness Psychotherapist

On my dedicated spiritual journey, spanning over two decades, I have come to realise that my purpose and passion in life is to assist my fellow earthly citizens in becoming their true & best self. I ardently believe that each individual is the centre of the therapeutic healing journey & that recovery & change is possible for anyone who seeks it. My objective… to continue supporting anyone seeking it through HABITS… & now through 4 CORNERS OF THE EARTH. My aim…  to empower each one to… Master their Mind so they can Master their Life’.

M L Helen Raphael BSc, MSc, MBACP

Founder & Chief Executive


As a BACP (British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy) Registered Psychotherapist… specialising in Mindfulness, Schema Therapy & dual-diagnosis… I support & treat people experiencing addiction, mental, emotional and spiritual health issues. Identifying strongly with my ethnic heritage and having empathic awareness of the difficulties experienced by those from the same or similar population groups… HABITS has particular emphasis on serving those from Black & other ethnic communities… though not exclusively.

 “For YHWH loved the world so much He gave His only-begotten Son that ANYONE exercising faith in Him may not perish but have Everlasting Life!” – JOHN 3:16

The habit-forming process… which is fundamental to all learning… is vital for existence. However, there is a default to this process… we learn healthy habits and unhealthy habits in exactly the same way. HABITS of London C.I.C. helps people to understand this vital process – through various therapeutic & psychological approaches supported inextricably by spiritual faith – with the aim of replacing unhealthy habits… mild, moderate or severe… for life-long healthy ones.

HABITS delivers Mindfulness programmes, psychotherapy & motivational workshops… to enhance mental, spiritual and emotional health with an innovative & inclusive focus on holistic well-being… through collaboration with health and social care professionals as well as community-based organisations… groups… families & individuals.

When you Change your Habits… you Change your Life!

For more information, please visit: www.habits.org.uk or www.helenraphael.com


Playing my djembe is a passion of mine and it is one of my specialities that I use doing the work of YHWH. I play my djembe on the streets of cities and towns that I visit, which is also one of the methods I use for raising funds for this project. (it is not busking or street entertainment)

I play my djembe singing spiritual songs and preach, which encourages people of all walks of life. I trust by the love of YHWH, that I bring life to the cities and towns and to the people; raising up a good atmosphere with joy, love & smiles.

So besides spreading the love and putting smiles on the faces of those who want to smile, I am raising funds to be able to print the Holy Word of YHWH bible for free distribution on request. I will also reach my goal in creating a bible app for the Holy Word of YHWH free for use to all.


That is why your help and support is so important!



Live show with Jake on allfm…African Drums. I do the work of YHWH with my djembe.