About Us

4COTE (4 Corners Of The Earth) is an organisation established since 2003; it was not known to social media until 2021. Although distribution of information about 4COTE began its circulation in London since 2003, subsequently branching out to the rest of the UK, 4COTE is now based in Greater Manchester. The name 4COTE came about by providence; the idea came sub-consciously whist having a conversation on the phone with a sister of the Lord. It was at that time I used it as the name of the ministry ordained to me.

Our mission is to spread the good news to all of humankind and make disciples of people, encouraging them to preach and teach. It is important to know that 4COTE focuses on teaching the accurate knowledge of the truth found in the bible and by divine inspiration. We also focus much more on the new covenant which is the teaching of the Messiah through his apostles. We carry the same teaching and do not deviate according to our own understanding, but make certain about all things concerning scriptures and messages.

We are on the path of righteousness which is the path of salvation. We focus on love and peace, freedom and unity.

We are helping to change the world, and we believe it starts with the individual just like it started with us.

We are not a religious organisation but a spiritual organisation teaching about ‘The Way’ of Yahsah Messiah. We believe that the Messiah is the Son of YHWH God and He was sent to the earth to save the world. He gave his life on our behalf and was raised up to His Father in the heaven. We believe that He is returning to earth as ruler and to gather His people from the extremity of the 4 Corners Of The Earth.

It is true that all should have the opportunity to hear the word of life, so that each person may decide to give their life to God and experience His love, peace, joy and happiness… and obtain the Fruits of God’s Spirit.

The good news gives us certainty for a better future, a new life in a Utopia world, one that will never again become the way the world is today. We know there will be a new heaven and a new earth to take place. No more sorrow, pain, outcry, suffering or death. It is what we know, it is what we have been speaking to thousands of people throughout the years since our being established.

We know that speaking the true message of freedom, which is the Word of YHWH, will help set you free.

We have researched the name of God and the name of the Son of God. The names are true and the teachings of the Messiah remain the same. We know that the way into the Kingdom of God is by way of having faith in the Messiah and being ‘Born Again’. 4COTE will expand by the power of God’s Holy Spirit and through His Son, our Commander. We will reach our goal with those who believe and those who know our Father in the heavens and His Son.

We give glory to God and Yahsah Messiah His Son by living a godly life doing right in the eyes of YHWH.

We understand that our purpose on this earth is to get right with God, to attain to the everlasting life which is a God given right to us; and no one can take that away from us.

Many religions have set a division among believers all over the world. This does not make spreading the good news of truth any easier. Really and truly, it is straight forward: follow the Messiah and worship YHWH God; that is the message of Yahsah Messiah. We carry that message; just as Yahsah is one with His Father, we can also be one with Them both, by means of receiving the Holy Spirit of YHWH. Remember, there is only One that has come and given His life, Yahsah Messiah who is the Way, the Truth and the Life, and no one comes to the Father except by means of Him.

About Me

I am Raphael a spiritual man of the Father and of our Lord Yahsah. My life was a mess for want of a better word. I have always believed in God but my lifestyle was with the devil. (not what I wanted) I believed my heart was certainly better than my corrupt mind. In 1999 I was going through a life changing experience, everything bad I had done surfaced in my mind, it felt like I was going mad. I started reading the bible and committed myself to it. It was helping me a great deal. I started praying and asking God for the forgiveness of my sin each day.

My breakthrough came in 2001, I got rid of everything I possessed by dishonest gains, I realised that God was restarting my life, getting my slate cleaned.

I started to have a real desire for God. I was going to church, writing down all the versed of the bible that the church was teaching, I was studying each day at home and singing praises to God every so often.

The day came when I heard the voice of the Lord saying to me to go out and speak ‘9’ words down in Catford, London. (the area where I lived) “REPENT FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD HAS DRAWN NEAR.” (I was ironing my shirt at the time, would you believe) and I did exactly that! And so, the story continues.

It was shortly after that I started preaching publicly around London. I was going out basically 3 to 6 days per week and preaching for 2 -8 hour each time. I enjoyed nearly every moment of it. The moments I did not enjoy was when certain people became verbally abusive and violent toward me. To be honest with you, when I first got punched in the face for preaching, it was not nice but when I did eventually get home, I could not wait to tell my family and friends. Strangely, it was a time of rejoicing.

As time went on, I continued preaching and evangelising, I was also designing leaflets and printing them to distribute and copying the Bible. I realised they had taken God and his Son’s name out of the bible. They also changed the name of the Son of God to a name that does not belong to him. I know that their names are very important as far as truth and the Glory of God is concerned. The HOLY WORD OF YHWH was completed in 2005. It was a 4-year mission.

In 2003 I was born again by Holy Spirit. I received the holy spirit from God. I must say, before I received the holy spirit there were other supernatural activities, which if one is experiencing it for the first time, it could well be very overwhelming. Nevertheless, being born again is one of the most inspiring experience one could imagine. Being born again is in fact supernatural.

Well, my ministry continues, I had the bible published which was another glorious experience.

There was an additional method to the ministry; I started sing and playing my djembe as another means of spreading the gospel which I am still doing now at present until I get the calling to cease from continuing.

At this moment my ministry is centred around the north and north east of England. Now with this new avenue of getting the message out far and wide, with which, your donations through this website and when I am playing my djembe in different towns and cities have been helping me making it possible for me to continue spreading the love, and also by the power of the Holy Spirit and under the command of our Lord and saviour, Yahsah Messiah the Son of God.


Maureen Linda “Helen” Raphael BSc, MSc, MBACP

Deputy Chair & Treasurer – 4 Corners of the Earth

I suppose I can say I started out my spiritual journey at a very young age. Growing up with an older & younger sister, 1 older & 2 younger brothers, we attended Sunday school at a local catholic church… I was around eight or nine years old. I didn’t mind being compelled to attend because it was an opportunity to get away from home. In retrospect the church acted as a kind of sanctuary… though I was not interested in the service or what they appeared to be offering… it was a saving grace having siblings and the opportunity to spend time away from the dysfunctional environment.

I remember looking up into the sky one night and asking silently… “How did the moon get there?” I believe that was the spark that ignited my search for The Creator. Through attending church and witnessing my mum pray daily I was introduced to the knowledge that God existed.

Though I did not attend a religious primary school I attended a secondary… St. Theresa’s Roman Catholic School for girls. My experience there was equally negative and positive… an affinity with my peers and PE teachers… and an antipathy towards most of the other teachers & nuns who headed the school. With an oppressive father ruling the home and what I experienced as autocrats ruling at school… I acted out and was finally expelled running away from home soon after… at the age of 15.

From there I led a checkered life… taken in as a ward of state… moving from one children’s home to another… from one county to another… finally securing a tenancy in the borough I grew up in @ the age of 18 with my first serious boyfriend. I became a mum at 20 and by the age of 24 I had 2 daughters. Throughout I was battling emotional pain that I self-soothed through reckless behaviours. Around this time whilst spending time with my ‘sister-in-law’… a friend came to visit evangelising & encouraging us to come to church. For the second time the church became a sanctuary and again I was taken back onto the path to search for the Creator.

For the next few years I attended bible studies and church all the while facing emotional challenges. I started to use substances to self-medicate (though at the time I didn’t realise it) and before long I developed a substance misuse problem. I remember moments of feeling tormented and broken. I had another friend who also started a spiritual journey and with her encouragement I accompanied her to the church she introduced me to. It was welcoming… a small intimate church where everyone knew each other by name. My visits to church became a comfort for me & though I was still ‘partying’ I committed myself to attending church weekly. In the summer of 2001 I experienced a divine calling that led me to retreat to the Caribbean to contemplate my future.

On my return home I made the decision to give my life to my Creator and on 9th December 2001 I declared my commitment publicly. I baptised into the 7th Day Adventist church… with family, close friends and members of the church in attendance. It was a magnificent celebration… a remarkably beautiful day… tears & laughter in abundance. I can truly say I have never turned back… my life literally took a 180 degree turn. I made a commitment to my Father that to this day I have never renege on… nor will I ever.

I continued to read the Scriptures daily… as I do now… following the bible reading guide collated by my brother aptly called ‘The Journey’… the name I gave it that resonated strongly with him. Over a period of 3 years I read the entire bible 3 times which led to having a book published in 2017 called “Testimony of YHWH’s Word”… my personal journey through the Scriptures with YHWH & Yahsah. A remarkable journey it was… and continues to be.

Now here I am still walking alongside my brother as he launches his long-yearned-for global ministry “4 Corners of the Earth”. Practicing as a trained registered psychotherapist for many years I have a profound zeal to empower all to take control of their mind and successively their life. The ultimate aim… once they start taking control… is to empower them further to find their true self as a Child of The Most High… just like I have… & thus experience unequivocal freedom… fulfilment… satisfaction & joy. I have come to realise that this vocation as a privilege & a pleasure is my divine purpose… extending now through 4 Corners of the Earth… 4COTE for short.

4COTE is truly a family affair… biologically & spiritually. The true family of YHWH are those doing the will of The Father – MATTHEW 12:50. It’s wonderful being in YHWH’s life… having a share in gathering back His Children from within the 4 corners of the earth. That wonder is further enhanced having others be a part of this reconciliation journey… more so as a mother. I’m elated having my daughter Chane be a part of this wonderful ministry too. She was destined to be a spiritual soldier from childhood revealed to me on separate significant occasions… those revelations have come to fruition… HALLELUYAH!!

I’m so thankful to my Father for where I am today… where I’m going & what I have. It’s a miracle and a marvellous blessing to have found my true self and an enriched blessing to be given the capability & responsibility to help others find theirs!

Following my baptism I spent time in regular weekly bible studies with the church and fellowship with my younger brother Patrick… yes founder & lead minister of 4 Corners of The Earth. At the time he was in the Jehovah Witness religion… an ardent follower of The Creator then and still is now. He would read, research & question constantly not accepting anything he read or was being told that didn’t make sense… I was no different. He brought my attention to the confusion of the trinity doctrine and the error in the names traditionally given to our Creator and His Son. What he shared and what I researched I put in prayer waiting earnestly on the Father for answers. It was a matter of time before I received the truth about The Creator & His Son… YHWH & Yahsah.

I continued to attend church, but I was no longer calling on the names of their deities… I started to call upon YHWH & Yahsah and because of this I was ostracised… rebuked… & condemned by members of the church. Though I had been appointed Life Development co-ordinator and a board member (commended by the pastor who baptised and encouraged me greatly) certain members continued to contend with me on my choice to follow the truth. It was uncomfortable at times, but I stood firm in my faith and my conviction… I knew I had found the truth. What I learnt and researched outside the church made more sense than most of what they were teaching. Though I had been in the Adventist faith for over ten years… months had gone by at which time I realised I stopped attending church. It happened just like that… subconsciously… the Father had taken me out of the conventional traditional church… but not out of His Life.