Children play a big part in the community affair; I teach them how to play a djembe. There are challenges I set for them to achieve with so much fun involved. Many people gather to watch these types of eventful interaction with the children with smiles and laughter all around at the end of the day. So, with your help, by donating to 4 Corners of the Earth, you will help us raise money to purchase djembes and teach children of all ages. Please feel free to give and make this possible. Thank you.


Different cities have different crowds, and these are two of the beautiful women that enjoyed and danced whilst I was praising God in York.

These community events are not altogether planned, but because of the joy, peace and love, my singing and playing of the djembe, there is beautiful interaction.

There are times when I set out to engage with the public, finding out where they are in life and if they are on the path of eternal life by means of their faith in the Son of God, Yahsah Messiah.

The interesting thing about meeting people is that most of them are looking for something that gives them a purpose in life, something that gives them joy and love. To know that their purpose in life is not in vain. I help people to know there is a reason why they are on the earth.

Most of people have good intentions; they are willing to listen to the good news of The Messiah. It’s really all about taking the steps and reaching the place of knowing that YHWH God and Yahsah Messiah are actually real and true!

Event that are not planned sometimes have the best results of good interaction and joyfulness.

I travel from city to towns and from towns to cities spreading the LOVE and putting JOY in the HEARTS of the people.

In the very near future, our plan is to create structured events in the community, combining with other events of importance which will help people to advance to a better future in their lives.

An up-and-coming event will be taking place in Manchester to promote the new bible the Holy Word of YHWH. It is one of the main objectives of the 4 Corners Of The Earth, to raise funds for publishing and distributing free hard copies of the Holy Word of YHWH.