I would like to share with you the writings I have collected during my ministry. I do hope that what you read my also help you in your walk following our Lord and Saviour Yahsah Messiah.

Before I do share with you these things, I wish to enlighten you about how things are at this time. I am talking about before the time the Son of God returns on this earth.

There are things I have seen and learnt during the 21 years of my ministry to date, and there is so much to say concerning the “Time of the End.” What I will say is don’t be caught out not belonging to the Lord Yahsah. 

People may ask the question about how it will happen or what are the signs? And to top that, some believe they are saved and will enter the kingdom of heaven without looking in the mirror and see that they are no angel.

There is a time coming when grace actually ends, when the Father YHWH will close all doors and windows, so to speak! That will be the time when you will call on YHWH and He will not hear you. You will search for YHWH and He will not make himself found. There will in fact be no mercy from the Father.