This is one of the most Glorious action that has taken place in the history of biblical publication. What you are now witnessing is something very special. Never before in our lifetime have we had a bible written replacing the true name of God and his Son.

World rulers and religious leaders had one mission, to make the True God and his Son non-existent. The way they devised this was to delete their names from the bible and replace it with just one name, Jesus. And that is exactly what they have done until now. Here below is a quote from Psalms chapter two:

The kings of earth take their stand And high officials themselves have massed together as one Against YHWH and against his anointed One,

Saying: “Let us tear their bands apart And cast their cords away from us!”

Many Christians believe that saying the name Jesus is what saves or heals them. It is in fact the Father reading the hearts of the people that call upon him with trueness of heart. Eventually, like myself and others whom I have had the pleasure of meeting, will start to know the truth concerning the name of God and his Son. Honestly, one thing you will know if not anything else, is the fact that Jesus is certainly not the name of the Son of God.

At 4 Corners Of The Earth, we do not compromise the truth as people pleasers, but we deliver the truth just as the truth is. By that truth you will be set free, providing you stay in the faith of Yahsah Messiah the Son of YHWH God.

This special bible is FREE for you to download.

We ask you to donate to help us distribute THE HOLY WORD OF YHWH around the UK and to create a HOLY WORD OF YHWH BIBLE APP. Your kindness and charity are appreciated. Thank you.

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Many people question the authenticity of the Bible. Yet the Bible still holds the truth. Although there are many versions of the Bible and some significant changes have been made to a great many of them for epistemological purposes. One thing remains, they cannot change what they do not understand or know.

Reading the Holy Word Of YHWH is the pathway to gaining salvation, it will help equip you and strengthen your faith through the accurate knowledge of YHWH God Almighty & Yahsah Messiah.

A righteous man will live by faith…Galatians 3:11

This means everlasting life… John 17:3

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